About us

The Region Tourism Council of Agadir Souss Massa (CRT) is an association established by the 2001-2010 framework agreement signed on October 29, 2001 in Agadir.

The CRT is administered by a board of directors, composed of members representing three groups, and has the power to take or authorize all acts falling within its objectives.

• Active members, who pay a statuary contribution:

  • Representatives of professional tourism associations
  • Elected regional bodies (regional council, professional chambers, regional union of the CGEM)
  • Representatives of certain administrations and public bodies, including the Ministry of Tourism, Prefectures, Delegations of Ministries of Cultural Affairs, Crafts, Transport, Communication, Regional Urban Agency, National Tourism Office, and Royal Air Maroc.

• Effective members: appointed by the General Assembly of the CRT.
• Honorary members: the Wali, the President of the region, the President of the city council, the Governor(s) of the region, the Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, the Secretary General of the Minister of President of the Federation of Tourism in the General Confederation of Enterprises of Morocco (CGEM), the President of the National Federation of the Hotel Industry, the President of the National Federation of the Associations of Travel.

"To promote the development of tourism in the Souss Massa Region"
• Coordinate closely with the Ministry of Tourism and the ONMT on the execution of Regional Visions and Strategic Programs.
• Work to position the region through a series of initiatives aimed at standardizing the tourism product throughout the area, promoting it as a destination, developing relations with tour operators, and developing tourism activities.
• Manage collective projects through a shared funding approach.
• Conducting pilot studies and statistical surveysrelating to the tourism sector, as well as analyzing visitor numbers and tourist supply.
• Organize and implement promotional, communication, and marketing activities.
• Act as an intermediary between tourism professionals and help with decision-making.

• The Documentation and Marketing Commission (Production of documents, promotional tools, webmarketing actions, etc.)
• The Commission for Hosting and Events (Organization of events for promoting the destination)
• The Commission for Promotion, Studies and Strategies (planning and participation in fairs, trade fairs, and professional workshops, conducting surveys and market studies, monitoring tourist visits, etc.)
• The Committe for Investment and Development (investor monitoring and assistance)
• The Committe for Air Transport