Advice and practical information

Passport, Customs, local currency, the essentials to ensure you have everything you need on arrival
Do not forget your passport and check its validity. If your stay was organized by a travel agency, an ID card may be enough (plane + 3 nights minimum in a hotel). Some nationalities require a visa. Check with the Moroccan Consulate in your country. The "touristic" stay is limited to 3 months. If you get a domestic animal with you, get a certificate of its good health for less than 10 days old, as well as a rabies vaccination certificate.



1 euro = 11,10 Dhs (Variable according to the exchange rate)

The Moroccan currency is the Dirham. It is not convertible outside the borders of the Kingdom, so think about exchange and other ways of payment. The exchange, import and export of Moroccan currency is strictly prohibited. Currency imported in the form of banknotes is subject to declaration at the entry of the national territory to the border customs services, when the amount imported is equal to or more than 100,000 dirhams. Upon presentation of the exchange bills, you can change the international currency of your choice against the dirham.


There are exchange offices at airports, some hotels and most banks. Some counters require your passport for the transaction. Remember to change the dirhams you have left before you leave.


Check with your bank to find out where you can withdraw cash with your credit card. All banks in Agadir are equipped with ATMs. The vast majority of purchases or services are settled in cash.

HEALTH AND SAFETY: Agadir is a safe destination


The vaccination certificate is not required for travelers coming from Europe. As everywhere else in the world, gastric discomfort comes from water or from undercooked or poorly washed foods. It is better to consume bottled water.



As for every trip, prepare and keep copies of your identity papers. Also have a list of useful phone numbers, in case you lose your credit card for example. It is always useful to keep the contacts of the diplomatic representative of your country. They can direct you to health professionals. Respect the usages, and, of course, the laws and regulations in force.


Agadir is truly a safe destination for tourists. A special police has been dedicated for that. You can visit Agadir safely... but with paying attention as well. As elsewhere do not expose your valuable goods ostentatiously. Here, the safety of tourists is a priority. Morocco knows how to take care of its guests.