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The city of Agadir in Morocco, rich of its heavenly beaches, face to the Atlantic ocean. Here, the sun meets the sand, and caresses every bit of it. A 3 hour flight away from Paris, similar to many other European cities. Agadir is a charming seaside city that attracts numerous tourists from all over the world.

There is a great deal of ways to visit and live Agadir.

As a start, Agadir has one of the most beautiful beaches in Morocco, an escape where you can forget alll about your daily routine, and chill in a propitious laze. Agadir is also a place where tourisme parallels with well-being: Sports, and fitness in one of the seaside thalassotherapy centers. A vacancy from which you can go back home brand new, and full of energy.

Being the capital o Souss Massa region, Agadir is also a cultural and economical city. Its littoral extends to the Southern Saharan provinces. Today, Agadir's port is the main fishing center in the country. The new city og Agadir allying modernity ans simplicity which is pictured in green spaces, big avenues, floral gardens, and elegant contemporary architecture.

The discoveries, and revelation that excusions, as well as cultural/natural explorations, come with are breathtaking.

However you choose to discover the city, you will for sure hold a peace of Agadir within you, by the end of your journey here.

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