Dar Naima

Dar Naima

C,R Imesouane

Welcome to DAR NAIMA IMSOUANE - Hostel Cafe Restaurant. It is a well-known address in a magical place that delights lovers of authentic Morocco. Our hostel is open all year and welcomes nature enthusiasts from all over the world, for an exciting selection of activites such as surfing, fishing, hiking, diving.

Café Restaurant

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40 minutes away from thr North og Agadir, Tamri is a commune with nearly 18 000 habitants not only known for its superb surfing spots, but also for its Banana cultuvation. It's a beautiful place for nautican sports lovers, and professional surfers. A lot of restaurants welcome the visitors for delecios food.Near the village of Tamri, is located a river that flows in the Atlantic ocean: Oued Tamri was recently discovered and is a shelters for some species.