Getting around


The company Alsa, manages the city network, tickets are bought on board and their cost is low but so close to the cost of a small taxi, which is a more interesting and faster option.

The minimum fee for a trip in the city is 3dhs

To the airport, you can go by Bus N° 37 which operates between Inezgane and the Airport. The city of Inezgane is also connected to downtown Agadir by Buses N° 6, N° 11 and N° 96
For more information on the urban transport network visit the following website:


As in all Morocco, it exists two categories of taxis.
Small taxis get around only in urban areas and large taxis have the right to leave the urban area and travel long distances.
Small taxis all have a meter, it starts by displaying 2.00 dhs in daytime and a markup of 50% is added legally in the nighttime.

Important : the minimum price rate of a red taxi trip is 6 Dhs, even if you move 100 m.

Large taxis have no meter, whatever the travel requested, it is imperative to agree on the price before. Today prices are displayed. Group taxis can have 6 passengers, their starting point is at the bus station.

When it comes to large taxis, it is necessary to distinguish those who practice the system of the collective taxi and those who works only with the airport or on order.

The journey duration is 20 minutes between the airport and downtown Agadir and the trip costs 200 dhs; a clear display of prices awaits you at the exit of Al Massira airport in Agadir.

Taxis are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can be identified by taxi name and number.


The big chains of car rental companies are present at the airport. You should not hesitate to book a vehicle online so that it is available on arrival or see with the hotel where you are staying.


- Bicycle rental
You can find renters on AVENUE MOHAMED V (near the old Salam hotel), and on the way to Oued Souss near Club Med. Count around 100 Dh the day.

- Scooter and motorbike rental

On the other hand, it can be a practical means of transportation to discover the environs of Agadir, helmet mandatory!

We park easily in the streets of Agadir. Public parking lots are charged and their rates are 2 dhs / day and 3dhs at night.