How to get there

Agadir is a well located city, on the doorstep of the Moroccan desert, it is usually described as a southern city, but since Morocco is very close to Europe (In fact it’s the closest African country to Europe, and the strait of Gibraltar which separates the two continents measures less than 9 miles) Agadir too, is close to Europe, and you can reach it by any means you fancy. And within few hours, you will enjoy world-class bays and stunning views.

Agadir is only 1h30 flight away from Madrid, 3h30 from Milan or Paris, Less than 4h flight from London.


Obviously, the fastest way to get to Agadir is by plane. Agadir has an international airport, located 25km from the city centre and served by all major international companies from all major cities. The airport has a steady growth, and currently serves 50 regular destinations.

Learn more about Agadir Al Massira airport by visiting the National airports Office website here .

For domestic flight, Moroccan company Royal Air Marocserves from and to Agadir the following cities: Casablanca, Marrakech, Tangier, Oujda and Rabat

There is a shuttle connecting the airport to Agadir’s city centre, departing every half-hour.


Agadir is now reachable by the new A7 motorway, shortening distances and travel times considerably, here is some distances and travel times from other major Moroccan cities to Agadir:

  • ­ Marrakech, 2h30 for the 250km journey
  • ­ Casablanca, 4h45 for the 470km journey
  • ­ Tangier, 8h00 for the 800km journey

To drive towards Agadir, direction Algeciras in Spain. Cars, motorbikes, coaches or sleeper trains take you there. Then cross the Strait of Gibraltar by car ferry to Tangier (2.5 hours) or Ceuta (1.5 hours). Also departure from Sète (France) to Tangier and from Almeria to Nador or Melilla.

- BY CAR :
You can also come to Morocco by car. Once crossed the Strait of Gibraltar, it will take you another day to reach Agadir (Tangier - Agadir: 900 km).
From Tangier to Casablanca, most of the journey is on the motorway (4 - 5 hours). Allow 3 hours to travel the 225 km between Casablanca and Marrakech. Finally, to reach Agadir from Marrakech, you need 2 ½ hours via the auto route.

However, we can only advise you to make steps on this route Tangier - Agadir.

The company Supratours, a subsidiary of ONCF, which takes over when the cities are not served by the train, has a significant national coverage.
The offices are at the bus station. It is prudent during highly tourist seasons like school holidays to reserve its place at least 24 hours in advance.
The company CTM, a private one, which also has excellent national coverage, has its starting point at the bus station.

In both cases the buses are comfortable, air-conditioned and heated. There are of course other companies but the vehicles used are not very comfortable and reassuring, it is better to stick to the two main companies.
the train station of Agadir is located in Al Massira. Another regional bus station is located in the nearby town of Inezgane (13 km south). It is likely that your bus will drop you there; inquire before buying your ticket. However, large taxis and local buses connecting the two cities are not lacking.