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Like a small corner in paradise, Immouzzar of Ida Outanane, is one of the most beautiful exursion in Agadir entourage that takes you to the heart of Ida Outanane, a confederation of Berber tribes that relliedto Mekhzen, in 1927.
Located in the west high Atlas, that is sinking in the Atlantic near Cap Ghir, dinstinguished by its vegetation activities which made it known as the "Paradise Valley".

This mountainuous zone is presenting intersting landscapes, chances for hiking, and an esscape for adventurous traveling amateurs, notably "Trekking", also as bird observation spots, fossil places, Cascades d'Imouzzar, Paradise Valley,  Tamrhakht River Oasis, Wintimdouine caves.

it is found by leaving Agadir towards the Essaouira, Turning right to discover Aourir then leave it to the recently built road. In the beginning of the ride you see mountains, that form a marvelous sight.

The big loop of Agadir-Immouzzar-Bigoudine-Agadir, makes 210 Km long road. But starting from 35 Km from Agadir, the landscape is already total: Mountain, canyons, cascades, palm tress, and villages all lost between mountains. By taking the road of Immouzzar, you take a road of a generous and wild nature.

After the the exit of Issi, Palm trees view awaits visitors, here we meet palm trees, Banana trees, Olive trees, and Orange trees. 

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