Avenue Mohammed V - Route de Taroudant - Aït Melloul

Hotel Joubir is a charming hotel located in Ait Melloul, about 10 kilometers away from the city center of Agadir. It is close to Al Massira Airport. The 40 rooms of the Hotel Joubir  (singles, doubles and triples) are comfortable, equipped with showers (hot water), televisions, phone and a very good wifi network at modest prices. It is near the taxi station and the bus stop for all the suburbs of Agadir. It has a restaurant that offers local cuisine and a terrace to relax while enjoying a cup of tea, coffee or others drinks.

Domestic animals Entertainment and family services Swimming pool and well-being Internet Valet parking Restaurant Private bathroom

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12 Km away in the south of Agadir is located the prefecture of Inezgane-Ait Melloul in the Souss Massa region. Limited in the north by the prefecture of Agadir-Ida ou Tanane, ad in the south by Chtouka Ait Baha, in Eats by Taroudantn, and in the west by the Atlantic ocean.Inezgane-Ait Melloul is  a beautiful region to visit while a vacancy in the south of Morocco. it's located on the plain of Souss and ch aracterised by an important flora, occupied by Argan trees,  such as the forest of Admim. It's also knwon by its commercial activity, with various traditional markets, its fruit and vegetables market is the biggest in North Africa. Tuesday's market, formerly weekly, has become today a daily market, like any other market in the city: the big wholsale, a hub in the fruit and vegetable trade in Morocco, cereal market, livestock souk (Tuesday morning)...