The mythical Kasbah of Aghanaj (or Fortress of Aghnaj), built in 1820, is located near the blue source. With a surface area of ​​6704 m2, this great wall with its five reinforcing towers, built according to the art of clay building, is a historical monument very different from the other Kasbahs in Morocco.
The Caid Mohammed Aghanaj El Hahi (1792 - 1822) gave its name to this casbah. He had initially engaged in a military campaign in the region on the Wadi Massa following the injunction of Sultan Moulay Slimane in 1810. His starting point having been Tiznit, he decided to install his troops in the Kasbah of Aghanaj, In order to allow them access to the water source.

The Kasbah Aghanaj had other functions, such as an administrative prison, a training center and a municipal park.
A project aims to transform it into an art museum containing an exhibition hall, manufacturing workshops, a training center for ancestral trades of Moroccan handicrafts and finally a meeting room. You will soon find cheap restaurants near the public gardens.

After is renovation, the Kasbah Aghanaj will be an exceptional tourist site in Morocco. This has raised the idea of ​​upgrading the blue source and the great mosque.

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