The National Park of Souss Massa

The National Park of Souss Massa

Chtouka Ait Baha Province، Sidi Wassay

"The National Park of Souss Massa (created in 1991) is located in Morocco, south of Agadir, and extends over 33,800 hectares between the estuary of the Souss-Massa river and the Atlantic Ocean. It comprises seven traditional villages made with Berber craftsmanship.
The park is known throughout the world for the presence of particular ornithological specimens, including the famous bald ibis (which is only found there) and other species of ibis, flamingos, the white spoonbill, the black-headed tchagra.
The flora varies according to the zones: from the desert and rocky terrain to areas growing with euphorbia and eucalyptus to the palm groves along the river.
The coast of the park is very diverse: from endless sand beaches to cliffs overlooking the sea, from the harmonious creeks to the fishermen's caves."

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