Village Du Tagmoute, 80000 Tagmout

Auberge Pied Du Siroua is a traditional hostel located close to the Siroua Mountains in Taliouine. It has a restaurant and offers trekking tours with an experienced guide.The Auberge Siroua's restaurant serves traditional Moroccan cuisine. Guests can enjoy their meals in the dining room or on the beautiful terrace that offers superb views of the village Tagmoute facing the distant mountains.

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In the heart of the plain of the Souss region, Taliouine is a pretty little Berber town located 119 km from Taroudannt, 1500m above sea level. Taliouine is in an area of ​​impressive beauty, where one finds one of the most beautiful geological folds of Morocco. This small village of the Anti-Atlas contains a treasure: one of the most expensive spices in the world. It is the capital of saffron in Morocco. With a unique aroma derived from violet flowers with white pistil, saffron is called "the roots of the earth".The inhabitants of Taliouine, particularly welcoming Berber chleuhs, will offer you adorable necklaces of dried and colored seeds with saffron.