Douar Said commune rurale ISSEN CIADAT Sidi Moussa, Ouled Teima – Taroudant

The perfect destination for a stay for relaxation and nature lovers. Our region is known by its richness and a multitude of terroir products, aromatic and medicinal plants; the ideal place and climate for agriculture development, natural landscapes, historical monuments and a large selection of touristic products. Due to the ecological setting, it is very important for us to ensure the protection and preservation of the environment's natural ressources.  You will of course discover many other things that will make your stay an unforgettable experience.

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Taroudant is in the 11th century the capital of a small Berber kingdom in the south of Morocco. Annexed by the Almoravids in 1056, under whom it remained autonomous, it was destroyed in 1306 by the Merinids.Taroudant, the first capital of the Saadians in the 16th century, refuge of the rebellious princes, coveted by the tribes of the South, holds an important place in the history of Morocco.It saw its apogee in the 16th century under the influence of Mohammed Ech-Sheikh who made it the capital and a base for its offensives against the Portuguese settled in Agadir. It became an important caravan center, famous for the abundance and quality of its goods: sugar, cotton, rice, etc. In the 17th century, Taroudant was under the domination of the kingdom of Tazeroualt, the area between Tiznit and Tafraoute and, as such, the preferred target of military expeditions led by the Alawite sultans.