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Taroudant is in the 11th century the capital of a small Berber kingdom in the south of Morocco. Annexed by the Almoravids in 1056, under whom it remained autonomous, it was destroyed in 1306 by the Merinids.

Taroudant, the first capital of the Saadians in the 16th century, refuge of the rebellious princes, coveted by the tribes of the South, holds an important place in the history of Morocco.
It saw its apogee in the 16th century under the influence of Mohammed Ech-Sheikh who made it the capital and a base for its offensives against the Portuguese settled in Agadir. It became an important caravan center, famous for the abundance and quality of its goods: sugar, cotton, rice, etc. In the 17th century, Taroudant was under the domination of the kingdom of Tazeroualt, the area between Tiznit and Tafraoute and, as such, the preferred target of military expeditions led by the Alawite sultans.

In 1687, the Sultan Moulay Ismail even massacred a large part of the population. Like the whole Sous region, Taroudant suffers from the closure of the port of Agadir. It retreated behind its historic ramparts until 1912 when the rebel El-Hiba made the Berber city its seat of resistance against the French army until 1913. The population of Taroudant is reputed to be proud and rebellious. In retaliation, the city was largely destroyed several times. A king would never have crossed its gates for fear of the rebellious inhabitants. The city of Taroudant is however known for its sense of hospitality and the friendliness of its traders.
Located on the right bank of the valley of Souss in the Piedmont of the High Atlas, the ""small Marrakech"" gives an excellent overview of the Moroccan South. At the gates of the Moroccan desert, Moroccan culture awaits you. An obligatory stop for commercial caravans linking the Sahara of Morocco to the port of Agadir, Taroudant has since the Middle Ages been the destination of all the great travelers.

Nowadays, personalities come to seek rest in the shade of its superb historical ramparts of ocher. Also known for its crafts and Berber silver jewelry, it attracts many tourists who spend their holidays in Agadir (the destination is very well served by buses and taxis).

A city of history and culture, Taroudant is also a city of colors. The colors of ocher and indigo are filled with warmth, for the happiness of painters and photographers. Two major architectural works make Taroudant an unmissable destination in the region of Souss: The 7 km ramparts and the historic Kasbah, located against the city.

Walls full of history: You will never forget Taroudant, a past always present, majestic palm trees, a rich and varied Moroccan craftsmanship and colors
Lots of agriculture, including the production and packaging of citrus fruit juice.

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