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Two hundred kilometers from Taroudant, Tata is a must-visit for walks and excursions in the south of Morocco. Nestled in an immense oasis of date palms, fed by the rivers of the Anti-Atlas, Tata is renowned for its many ksours and traditional adobe Berber houses. Its rich archaeological heritage testifies to a Berber civilization that has radiated over Morocco and Africa for centuries. Tata is thus the cradle of the first colonies of Homo Sapiens who settled in North Africa in the Stone Age. These paleolithic remains are an invaluable heritage for the region: stone tools, wooden tools, bone implements, cave engravings and inhabited caves are the sign of hunter-gatherers organized and sedentary. The village of Tata is a tourist circuit off the beaten path: its palm grove will guide you to mountains whose sites and cave paintings are among the oldest in Morocco, before driving you to the superb regions of the pre-Sahara Moroccan. A tourist site highly recommended by the tourist office of Morocco, not to be missed during your next vacation!

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