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Located less than 100 km south of Agadir, Tiznit is a privileged place in the beautiful region Souss-Massa where one breathes in serenity and joie de vivre.

Between argan, olive and palm trees, this region of southern Morocco is a meeting place of the Atlantic and the Moroccan desert, the plains and the mountains.

Having preserved its Berber authenticity, the city of Tiznit suggests another facet of Morocco, a country with a plural look, rich in regional diversity and multimillenary heritage.

The town of Tiznit, the capital of the province of the same name, takes its name from the name of a holy woman named Lalla Zninia who, according to legend, came back from the north and stopped, exhausted, in this place, which was just desert back then. She lamented her past life  and showed such repentance that God caused a source of pure water to spring forth at her feet to show her forgiveness. This resurgence was named ""Aïn El Kdim"" by the later inhabitants of the town.
The foundation of the city of Tiznit dates back to 1882 after the military expedition of Sultan Moulay Hassan I in the Souss-Massa region. The city was created out of the desire to plant a military post to control the hinterland, particularly the maraboutic power of Tazerwalt (Iligh) and to ward off any European penetration from the Atlantic Ocean.

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